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The Significance of the Signs

In astrology, signs play a crucial role in defining the fundamental characteristics and personality traits of individuals.

These signs, determined by the positions of celestial bodies at the time of one's birth, offer insights into one's natural inclinations, behaviors, and potential life paths.

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Each library entry contains an audio playlist with many hours of detailed audio analysis, addressing almost every single relevant astrological feature. This means our analyses are entirely reproducible.

Depending on the chart, and the product inclusions, each reading contains a comprehensive interpretation of your Cosmic QR code! Please listen to our celebrity examples in the archive to get ideas.

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Public figures, celebrities and events of interest

Take a listen to our growing list of readings of public figures, celebrities, and historical events. Enjoy our AI-generated Sabian Symbol images for every chart. To see different Sabian art styles for any reading, click "Change Style" on the top right above each image collection. Click any individual image to see the Sabian Symbol number and original Sabian message corresponding to the relevant degree of the zodiac.

Robert Hand
Woody Allen
Mark Zuckerberg
Bob Marley

Customer Testimonials

People absolutely love our readings

We have produced many readings for our various clients, with the vast the majority being extremely happy with their investment. Many personal feedbacks and accounts have been truly mind-blowing. Whilst we cannot share all reviews due to the nature of the personal feeback, we are very happy to share some customer testimonials.

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erin from Brisbane, Australia


5 months ago

Fantastic information supporting personal growth

I would like to thank the Cosmic Program team for producing such an in-depth and interesting breakdown and explanation of the astrology of my natal chart. I really had no idea what to expect as my knowledge of astrology was pretty limited up until this point. As someone who is practicing the art of Alchemy and other ancient teachings which are all about “knowing thyself”, I found this reading to be extremely helpful and accurate in highlighting both the higher and lower impulses of my personality, the possibilities and areas for success and the areas where there are the most challenges to overcome, the places where the shadow and the stories of unconscious beliefs have the most power. The reading will really help those who are aware that we create from within and are wanting to improve their lives by recognising patterns of behaviour that sabotage and providing guidance to allow the possibility of making different choices, helping to gain more balance in ones life and opening the possibility to really use free will to change future outcomes. Such an in-depth reading provides us with an opportunity to get ahead of the game and potentially “hack” the program that runs in our unconscious mind that keeps us stuck and looping.

Not only did this reading break down the aspects of the natal chart, it also gave a fascinating explanation of the planets and other heavenly bodies and the mythology and history. Cosmic Program have taken a scientific approach to their research and have so much data that would indicate there is nothing random about Astrology. I hope that modern science will start to catch up as I can see, through my own study, this supports what we are beginning to learn about the quantum realm.

This is not just mumbo jumbo woo woo, the ancients civilisations were all over this information and were far more advanced in using this technology than we are today.

Being a qualified behaviourist and having observed human behaviour now for half a century, I can certainly say, the more that “authority” tries to discredit something, the more I believe it is something that we must look at. The reading was quite long, however, for someone like me, who is fascinated with personal growth and what is “hidden”, I found it so interesting I did not mind the length. I definitely think that no matter your opinion of Astrology, this will give a different perspective and there will be something that will serve you and add deeper understanding to your life and what you manifest. Always remember what is within, manifests without, so the more you can get a handle on what is going on within you, the better life is going to be on the outside. I recommend Cosmic Program as a great tool to support the seekers journey.





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Review Submitted: 2023-09-11 01:10:41 GMT

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Building Our Celebrity Archive

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We are still building an Archive of 100's of astrological readings of celebrities, famous people and historical events. Until then, enjoy the biographies, Horoscopes and a wide range of AI-generated Sabian Symbols of the folks below.

You can use your Cosmic Credits to explore the detailed astrological readings of finished Archive readings.

Winston Churchill
Richard Feynman
Abraham Lincoln


Kourtney Kardashian


Vic DiCara
British Colonisation of Australia