Cellarius Ptolemaic System, 1660

Title: Scenographia systematis mvndani Ptolemaici. From Andreas Cellarius Harmonia Macrocosmica, 1660/61. Chart showing signs of the zodiac and the solar system with world at centre. SCENOGRAPHIA SYSTEMATIS MVNDANI PTOLEMAICI - Scenography of the Ptolemaic cosmography. Source: Andreas Cellarius, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Frequently Asked Questions


What school of astrology are Cosmic Program readings based on?

The Cosmic Program deciphering style of natal configurations was developed methodically after years of research and practice by the founders of Cosmic Program, specifically, by Gaia, given the founders were outsiders to astrology, scientists without bias or indoctrination to prefer any one system.

The founders studied and tested ancient and modern astrological and occult beliefs, observations and practices from various cultures and eras throughout human history spanning east, west, north or south as well as BC, AD or modern era. In addition to their robust and up to date understanding of diverse STEM topics and testing methods, they also studied modern psychology, especially Jungian aspects of understanding the complexities of the human mind. Any rule or belief that was not reproduced and validated across multiple systems was excluded from Cosmic Program's interpretation of the charts.

The Cosmic Program system is a customised and blended version of several schools of astrology that evolved over many years of experimentations and readings. The founders also read charts of over 500 random people online using a third party platform. The platform was intentionally chosen as a way of making the readings as scientific as possible due to the fact that via this platform, the folks use no images or names and therefore readings could not fall under the usual 'cold reading' or similar phenomena.

In our comprehensive studies, we learned a whole host of systems in depth, however, our practice and testing was mainly done using western tropical calendar with a bias for Placidus cusp system of analysis. In fact, the most common and popular system of casting charts (outside of India) seems to be tropical Placidus house system. For folks who are born in the Arctic regions or anywhere between 60° to 89° northern latitude, Placidus system doesn’t work properly and astrologers often use the topocentric house system instead. When prompted, we have an option called 'auto' which will decide which of these options best suit your personal latitude information.

Additionally, we realise some folks prefer to have their housing system set on whole-signs. We do not have any objections, in fact, we use whole-signs for the most objective and traditional reading option from time to time and when running tests. Others, especially those most familiar with the Vedic system, prefer to use the sidereal calendar rather than tropical calendar. Again, we do use Vedic and sidereal systems in our various tests and especially if/when Nakshatras and fixed stars are discussed. Cosmic Program is flexible and accommodates many options as you might prefer, however, we believe since our testings and trials were quite successful when using tropical Placidus system, it is only logical we do not fix what is not broken.

Our readings are essentially an audiobook of your psyche. We use the art of language, culture, literature, philosophy, mythology, and symbolism to decipher/decode your mathematical cosmic map or program. Readings are created in the format of audio playlists and are organised into chapter compilations. You will access your audio playlist via the website and you can use any form of smart gadget or computer in order to access it.

Each user has a personal 'library' where custom recording sets are deposited and is available to the user. As a user, you can listen to your personal reading as often as you want. In addition, you have the option of sharing your playlist link with others or with the public if you choose to do so. Such links are always 'unlisted', and sensitive birth data is redacted. We recommend that if you have used your actual name, replace that with a pseudo name. You can also turn the comment option on or off when sharing your link with others, depending on your preference.

Yes. We believe that what we offer is affordable and fair especially when compared to the market. Depending on the Cosmic Program product you purchase and the relevant features for your chart, your audio playlist will contain up to 5 times the hours of audio material (if not more) you would obtain anywhere else. We want to offer our customers competitive value for seeking personal reading with Cosmic Program.

There are numerous computer generated PDF formats that claim to read charts and these are among the least expensive options. The ones worth your time are only slightly lower in price than our offers. As far as in-person or audio recorded readings go, most astrologers do not give longer than 90 minute readings and that is understandable. In fact, across all coaching and advising options, based on ancient and/or divination methods or modern psychological methods, time spent on clients is quite restrictive. Most astrologers can only focus on a few areas of life, or a set number of questions. They barely touch the comprehensive breadth of Cosmic Program in its entirety. Even our Foundation option or the most basic gets into far more depth and our prices are within the same range or lower.

Also, we are the first as far as we know, that offer readings in the most technologically savvy way. We also believe we were first to use AI and offer PDFs generated for personalised Sabian symbols (in Nov 2022). Our audio playlists are easy to access, to listen, to share and to discuss with others. We also provide endless reading examples of famous folks which can help astrology enthusiasts and students learn in the most practical way possible. We also use a diverse methodology, spanning ancient and modern rules that are widely tested and accepted, and we deliver results in a format that attempts to be the most objective.

We include a comprehensive background to Astrology (+2 hours) and we discuss various scientific, as well as philosophical aspects of astrology which are not discussed or taught in our school or university systems anywhere (for the most part). We also try to focus on spiritual and philosophical aspects of deciphering a natal chart for the most healing and advantageous coaching exercise that is saturated with the wisdom of our ancestors as well as the cosmos and the nature we are part of.

Cosmic Program will under standard circumstances provide your custom comprehensive reading within 28 days (4 weeks), during the festive season this has been extended to ~6 weeks. We will offer shorter time options in the near future.

Most Astrologers are overbooked for months, and even after waiting a long period to book them, they usually deliver MP3 audios (or they may offer a recorded video or zoom session) many weeks or even months later (from the date of your order). Just for this very reason, what we offer is a dream come true for many.

You receive 1000 Cosmic Credits when you register. As our site and product offering grows, you will be able to use Cosmic Credits in various ways to access more content and help with your purchases. You can always buy more credits. One way to use your Cosmic Credits today is to explore more deeply in the Archive on famous people and events.

The complete Description of these images is found in our Shop inside the Sabian Symbol Product page. The Product page shares how they were originally created and how they are incorporated into astrology readings to provide additional insight. There you will also find exactly what is included in your purchase of these images. Your Sabian Symbol images are custom AI-generated in your favourite art style from our extensive list of styles. Each image on the website has a 'Cosmic Program' watermark, however, your purchase will be watermark free.

PDF versions of your readings are not available at this time, however, we are working to introduce this option soon to assist those who prefer such an option.

Cosmic Program does not report shapes of charts or the 3D aspects and yogas. At this point, we also don’t report an in-depth analysis of major harmonious aspects of a chart (e.g. sextiles and trines) or any of the minor aspects. This is not to say these aspects aren’t important.

At this time, Cosmic Program readings focus on the most stressful and karmic aspects of your chart (Conjunctions, Squares, Oppositions). Such aspects are often less explicit to you or those around you. Stressful and karmic aspects indicate potential weaknesses, flaws, or traits you may or may not be aware of. Often, overcoming major difficulties in one's character correlate with such aspects. Our goal is to share this information, add to your self-knowledge and try to help you understand how best you can manifest and evolve such difficult configurations for the better.

Cosmic Program is not designed to offer predictive services. The main purpose of Cosmic Program is to use science and philosophy, as well as thousands of years of detailed observations, to analyse the gist of a person’s psyche and archetypal tendencies that the person is born with, or will likely develop over time, and do it in the most comprehensive, most philosophical, most technological way possible.

We believe in the power of free will. Your mind is the pilot of your personal quantum computer (i.e. your brain) in this quantum simulation. Cosmic Program aims to discuss your unique tendencies, your many archetypes, for better or worse. You can then choose to recognise and handle these tendencies and potentially avoid hypothetical pitfalls of different types. You can choose to enhance the level of these archetypes, take the higher roads, and evolve your character to more noble impulses of the possibilities that exist within your default program. It’s up to you how you use the information we provide.

At the moment, no, however, we are working to deliver this important goal. In future we plan to offer Cosmic Program readings (audio & PDF) in most major languages worldwide. Please subscribe to our site so that you are notified of our progress.

Unfortunately, no, and we do not have plans for these alternative ways of delivering Cosmic Program information at this time.

From time to time, Cosmic Program may design hypothesis-driven studies which will require a large pool of information for testing. Such studies can only proceed with information provided separately and under legal terms yet to be designed, and shared with you, to absolutely protect your privacy and your anonymity.

According to astrologer & researcher Paul Westran, every twenty minutes, more scientific research is done in Physics than the total amount of scientific research that has been done in astrology since the 1600s. I imagine, this figure is even worse today, given the explosion of scientific research in the last decade alone. He rightly points out that current critical opinions and mockery of Astrology and Occult fields on a 17th Century assessment of Iron Age beliefs rather than objective modern scientific testing and exploration resembles a situation in which the field of medicine gets to be compared with the medicine of the 1600s in which bloodletting was intrinsic to the subject and is therefore dismissed as bogus.

Astrology and Occult domains have been taken as a joke. Funding of astrological research using modern methods and access to independent expertise in academia are not available. The world of science continues to publish click-bait biased propaganda and misinformation against astrology. Religious institutions in the west have found a common enemy in Astrology, standing firmly with the world of science. However, given the diverse clients of astrology, including many from the world of religion and science, it is time to work together to escape left brain fatalism, scientism, and a modern Spanish Inquisition. Fields of study like Psychology, Economics and other social science fields have been lifted into acceptance as worthy of deep exploration and wide application after their relatively recent emergence and initial strong rejection. Astrology and Para/Meta Physical phenomena deserve to be explored using modern technologies in just the same way, for example, that deep meditation, once thought esoteric and outside medicine, has been explored using modern physiological methods and is now understood as a truly altered body state.

Please subscribe to Cosmic Program to hear of a future opportunity to participate in hypothesis-driven studies to explore the potential scientific basis of Astrology.

As once sceptical scientists, we have concluded that astrology has immense merits, in particular, as a guide or coach to mastery of knowing self and becoming the best versions of ourselves. For self-growth and healing, we personally think the ancients knew best and that this ancient art has no match.

Due to the union of art and science in astrology, its wisdom connects us deeply to mother nature and our cosmos beyond most any other discipline. It helps us balance our fact-faith antenna and somehow, this marriage of math and myth helps us grow, understand, and survive in the fittest smartest way possible, not only when faced with mundane matters, but also in crisis. Our world is faced with a crisis of faith in which the scientific mind mocks or ignores the religious mind and assumes healing and truth is only possible through the lens of Newtonian Physics and Science. The religious mind has a crisis of objectivism and has fallen deeply into conspiracies, mistrust, and paranoia and assumes anything right brain, faith-based and traditional is the only way forward. None of this is healthy or smart. Everything in nature is about balance and equilibrium. Human beings are born with a brain that has two distinct hemispheres and two ways of perceiving and reasoning.

Even though we have for years observed the merits of astrology, including the accuracy of predictive astrology that defies current scientific understanding, we still cannot claim that astrology as a discipline should be grouped with the classical scientific disciplines. Our conclusion that astrology has immense merit is built on historical evidence and our belief in concepts that as yet have not been deeply examined with the tools of modern science and computation.

In science, testable experiments are designed based on an hypothesis. Data gathered in support of an hypothesis leads to theories, which in turn lead to additional experiments and reiterative cycles of testing and challenging what came before. In science, we are reminded that faith, imagination, or any right brain processing has no place in the lab. In astrology, despite relying on precise rules and very precise astronomical observations, we still have the wild card factor of archetypes and the flavour by which any given configuration/code could turn out to manifest for the wilful person. Will it be possible to work out exactly how these configurations will manifest one day? Will it be possible to test astrological predictions and validate, or explain the concept of archetypes? We believe yes. Advancement of super computation and massive data analysis make it possible, in theory, to analyse a chart in such level of detail that statistically, we may be able to foretell the degrees of archetypal manifestation of any configuration for any person.

We believe that astrology has immense merits and deserves to be examined independently within academia using all the modern tools of science, computation and medicine. This will require independent funding of astrological studies and proper peer-reviewed tests and trials in which experts versed in both astrology and science share and agree on design of testing protocols and assessment of results. This commitment to Astrology has been absent since the 1600s. Please see additional comments under the question related to astrological testing.

Historical evidence of the value of Astrology to those who use it and feedback on the benefits of an astrological reading, are evident to us as lived and discovered knowledge. We believe it works. How it works remains to be solved. In our subjective experience, we have witnessed that astrology offers immense benefits to virtually everyone and that one day, it will stand alongside various scientific fields that attempt the challenge of relating human consciousness to the reality of the world as suggested by modern science. We will publish blogs and articles on these topics in future.

Please subscribe to be notified.


We have a wonderful list of relevant astrology and occult books categorised in various groups from Amazon. This collection is a unique list, not generally available. We have spent years finding, categorising and assembling these books. We own and have read many of them and think others would benefit by exploring what they offer.

Please refer to our Resources page and enjoy our huge compilation!

Cosmic Program cannot accommodate additional questions regarding your chart after you receive your personal reading. Our systematic approach is designed to provide high quality astrological information derived directly from the information you provide on your unique birth data (time, date and location).

We cannot at this time provide additional services. Later we may develop an intensive 1:1 service that would require much more commitment of time and effort from both ourselves and yourself. We leave you to decide what aspects of your personalised Cosmic Program reading resonate with you, and what aspects you may decide are not applicable.

For most people, the exact time of birth (first breath) is imprecise. You should be aware that an accurate time of birth, to the second even, can in some cases generate important differences in a reading. There are always variables in place that none of us control, so you are urged to think about what resonates with you.

Also, going by ancient beliefs, readings to people who have not gone through their first return of Saturn (happens in late 20s), may not resonate strongly. The reason being, such folks are still developing and have not lived long enough to know of their concrete personalities, likes, dislikes etc. So please bear that in mind if you are quite young.

Having said that, I personally think that is not true in every generation. Some generations are born with more spiritual awareness, outlook on life, and understanding. Millennials and Gen Z folks are the perfect examples of this phenomenon. I personally learned plenty of spirituality from this generation during my studies and practice.

We welcome feedback, and public or private reviews of our deliveries, so that we can improve and ultimately deliver a better product to our clients. Please make sure to subscribe to our mailing list so that you will receive our important updates, deals, and offers.


We have our own internal blog page and we publish timely articles constantly. We also plan to add content related to various articles, youtube videos and other important information related to astrology and similar topics in the near future.

Make sure to subscribe so you can be notified of our new blogs and other related updates!


We would love to support clients who previously used Cosmic Program through discounted options for your friends during holiday periods for example.

Also, for BULK ORDERS, please contact us for special pricing options.

Please make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of such offers.

The simple answer is no. We provide multiple sample readings of various famous folks and celebrities for your detailed examination for you to explore the nature of a Cosmic Program reading and decide if this type of information will be personally useful.

We also provide a comprehensive list of FAQs to share the properties and purpose of a Cosmic Program reading. When you order a Cosmic Program reading, we require certain birth information from you, after which we provide a grace period when you can modify the details submitted, or choose to withdraw your order. If the grace period has lapsed, your reading is already in preparation and the order cannot be withdrawn.

If unfortunately, you don’t like a Cosmic Program reading, or disagree strongly with some part of it, we cannot offer you a refund. Cosmic Program readings follow ancient rules with a lot of precise astronomical and astrological mathematics supporting the results of each reading. The results are based on your personal data specifics.

You are free to examine and explore these results to identify what resonates with you and what may induce you to think anew about your personal traits. Everything contained in a Cosmic Program reading can be searched on the web or identified in books or records that are hundreds to thousands of years old. The Cosmic Program system, like all time-tested astrological systems, does not provide subjective interpretations (unlike many divination tools such as Tarot which rely on the personal skills and unique gifts of the Tarot reader).

There are, for example, only a few ways an astrologer using any system would interpret and describe in their own words a Moon conjunction with Saturn. Based on our experience, if your birth time and birth information is accurate and if you are over the age of 30 (i.e. post Saturn Return, crucial for true understanding of one's natal chart, according to ancient text), then the reading will most likely resonate as a whole.

There is an age requirement for a Cosmic Program reading. Based on our experience, we find that generations may differ in how quickly they can conceptualise right brain philosophical information. Millennial and Gen Z folks appear advanced in mastery of such abilities at a young age. This may relate to the rare once in a ~ 185 yr configuration of Uranus and Neptune conjunction (among other unique social factors).

We have and we will continue to add historical and celebrity's charts to our analysis portfolio. However, in order to be objective, we will not analyse profiles that do not have AA ratings for accuracy of birth information, in particular, the birth time. If you know your favourite person has an AA rating of birth information, please contact us.

If you are a celebrity or a famous person and you have a verified blue tick on social media and correct birth data, and you want to get your chart analysed and added to our public portfolio, please feel free to contact us.

Great Question! We live in a world characterised by a crisis of faith and addiction/obsession with materialism. We assume everything that can help us is sold in a bottle, or is available for sale and can be bought. Many of us hope to buy our way to happiness, often through the delusion of paying for everything: for love, for beauty, for intimacy, for health, for relationships, for happiness, for entertainment, for material possessions, essentially for every aspect of our lives. None of us are immune to this.

Perhaps the Vedic mystics who call our current time cycle the 'KALI YUGA' have a valid point. Much of the global health crisis, especially a crisis of our mental health, is related to imbalances of all kinds. Mystics and gurus from virtually every culture have stressed the importance of keeping a constant balance between the elements within our psyche and our physical existence. There has been an explosion of needs for coaching and therapy globally following the alarming exponential growth of diagnosis of mental health issues.

Astrology is a perfect tool that can help many people realise their addictions, obsessions, and imbalances. Astrology can help understanding how a state of contentment can be reached. It explains HOW you are unique compared to others, why such differences exist and how you can make 'lemonade' from the 'lemons' in your life. Astrology is a magical language that can connect with us like no other language. Figuratively, Astrology takes us to the peak of the highest mountain to show us the path, the pitfalls, and the many gems or silver-linings enhancing our lives. It provides answers and remedies to complex issues and help us heal our mind through our own mind power and changes to our outlook on life.

Astrology is not in competition with other coaching methods or therapies. Astrology does not seek to be in competition and can work hand-in-hand with other life enhancing methods including modern psychological coaching. Those of you familiar with Jungian Psychology know how crucial the parallel use of Astrology can be for deep psychological treatment and healing. Jung was an expert in Astrology, inspired and influenced by Astrology in his practice. We are free to decide what works for us, alongside Astrology as we wish.

Nothing can come close to the language of Astrology and its dataset of observations spanning thousands of years. Astrology taps into the depth of the human psyche to describe us with all our flaws and attributes. Astrology is the only tool available that explains both the time cycles of our life and provides an idea of WHEN a certain down cycle or up cycle could resolve itself. Another special aspect of Astrology is the uniqueness of a personal reading related to your natal data. The combination or traits and tendencies revealed by Astrology is truly unique to you.

We recommend that practitioners of modern psychology and coaching professionals obtain their own Astrological reading and, also, consider an Astrological reading or contact us at Cosmic Program for possible collaborations regarding patients who may be very hard to understand, connect with, or treat. Astrology has various techniques that can get to the root of every person. It also can help determine the times when patients may be under dangerous transits, when these periods may end and how patients should be helped and monitored. Astrology is therefore suited to provide ADDED benefit to psychological services including hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy.

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