Cosmography and Astrology, 1686

Featured Image: Cosmography and Astrology, 1686

This print was published in Richard Blome’s "The Gentleman's Recreation" (1686) and shows the diverse ways in which cosmography can be applied. Source: Cornell University Library, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Cosmic Program Founders

About Gaia

Gaia is a PhD scientist and an accomplished astrologer with a passion for building knowledge in an area after a deep understanding of its roots. As a Doctor of Philosophy in the historical meaning of breadth across all that is known, she set out to learn and master various ancient and modern sciences and the arts, inspired by the path taken by most scholars and pioneers throughout the history of science and philosophy. Due to her scientific background, Gaia did not study astrology as one normally would, instead, she learned and studied astrology from the margins alone, without bias or preference. As a result, she was open to explore the various schools of astrology and diverse techniques spanning different eras or disciplines. 

After years of intensive studies and testing, she started practicing her preferred techniques on global clients on an online platform. This was received incredibly well. Many of her clients called her a true psychic or a healer. Affirmation of her work was so overwhelming and humbling that she decided to create Cosmic Program to share her astrological wisdom as widely as possible. With a background in data analysis and understanding of scientific principles she approaches astrology from a unique perspective, incorporating data and evidence into her interpretations. Gaia does not incorporate any astrological rule or approach in her practice unless it is rooted in ancient text and/or has been verified and widely used by the consensus of other leading astrologers through history. 

Gaia's perspective on science, astrology and the occult was likely shaped by her experiences as a survivor of war during her childhood, her migrant status and experiences related to life as a foreigner spanning four continents, as well as her spiritual journey from a strictly secular person to someone who became very curious, open, and interested in hard questions of life and New Age topics after an NDE event in her late 20s. Through her travels, her many losses, and her broad experience, she gained a deep appreciation for the world and the human condition globally and has incorporated this knowledge into her astrological practice and coaching.

Gaia believes that astrology can be a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation, She is dedicated to helping others discover a useful guide to the simulated universe through the 'as above so below' wisdom embedded in our reality. She believes that astrology has brought her so much peace and understanding of the human condition. 

For those who are curious, Gaia is a Chitra Nakshatra and has her South Node (Ketu) in the 8th house in Pisces, Venus in Aquarius, Chiron on the MC, and Moon and Pluto fused with one another, on the IC. She is also a master number 11. Gaia has three academic degrees, a Bachelor's of Science and a Master's of Science in two different STEM disciplines and a PhD in Engineering. Her dissertation work involved complex computational modelling on a designated topic in the filed of Civil & Environmental Engineering. 

* Image Ref. - The Persian Sibyl, 1647 by Guercino
About Eion

Eion is a PhD Scientist and a prolific self-taught programmer who has always been interested in unusual phenomena and solving challenging problems. His journey into astrology was prompted by several successful predictions Gaia made of global events which he determined statistically, were beyond significant. From his exposure over the years to Gaia’s work, he has come to believe astrology has serious merits and that science is missing out by prematurely dismissing the entire meta / para physical domains. 

Eion is interested to work with Gaia and future academic collaborators to conduct scientific meta studies on astrology using anonymised data from interested and consenting clients. He also looks forward to working with interested physicists and mathematicians on various ideas conceived with Gaia regarding astrological mechanisms. This means 'a lot' to him. 

Newtonian physics and the 19th century mindset are insufficient to explain things we cannot explain. Reality cannot be properly analysed and deciphered using solely the left-brain hemisphere and reductionist reasoning. Eion stresses that we need to utilise the entire brain and a holistic bottom-up and top-down reasoning approach.  Science has used the excuse of 'coincidence' or 'accidental' for too long to explain diverse mysteries and anomalies we cannot explain using accepted scientific methodologies. 

Eion believes that mechanisms behind astrology or some aspects of it will be understood and explained through usage of modern analytical tools and super computers, and also when quantum physics and our ever expanding understanding of the cosmos is integrated with astrological data.

For those who are curious, Eion is a Scorpio Sun fused with Uranus, Revati Nakshatra, and has his South Node (Ketu) in the 9th house in Aquarius. He is a path number 3. He has a Bachelors of Science in Engineering and a PhD in Computational Material Science. Eion maintains interests in Computational Engineering, Quantum Molecular Dynamics, Modelling and advanced programming in several (6+) languages.

* Image Ref. - Michelangelo as Heraclitus, 1509-1511 by Raphael
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