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The Astrological Body Types Face, Form and Expression (Revised and Expanded Edition)

Judith A. Hill, Michael Theroux

This third revision of a now classic text is most complete compendium of Astrological Body Types available anywhere. This volume delights readers with over 80 illustrations and detailed descriptions by the author accurately depicting the archetypal Zodiac Sign Types, Planetary Types, Elemental and Modal Types. Character, appearance, vocational suggestions plus numerous example personality types are included for each sign and planetary type. Substantial appendices are included on the physical effects of Lunar Nodes; the famous Mars-Redhead research project; and the Four Medical Elements. A listed "Dave's Top Ten" book by genre at The American Center for Astrology. The award winning author is well known for her exceptional books on Medical Astrology and Vocational Astrology. This classic favorite is a steady sale in book shelves frequented by astrological readers!

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