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Financial Astrology Almanac 2021: Trading & Investing Using the Planets

M.G. Bucholtz

There is an overwhelming correlation between the ever-changing configurations of orbiting planets and price movements on financial markets. Is this purely a scientific connection? Or, are powerful money managers in financial centers like London and New York moving prices of equities and commodity futures in accordance with astrological cycles? Whatever the case may be, traders and investors ought to be aware of the connection between astrology and the markets. Awareness of this connection is not new. In the early 1900s, successful traders like W.D. Gann, J.P. Morgan and the mysterious Louise McWhirter recognized this relationship. They used their knowledge of astrology to profit from the markets at key astrological occurrences. "Financial Astrology Almanac 2021" provides the reader with key astrological dates to be alert to each month. These dates align to astrological occurrences that have been shown to have a high propensity to result in price trend changes on stocks, indices and commodity futures. This book goes further to present to the reader valuable information on Quantum Price Lines, the Weston Model, the Shmitah Year, Price Square Time, and Kabbalah Sacred Angles. Take your trading and investing to a deeper level by understanding the connection between astrology, esoteric math and the financial markets. Malcolm Bucholtz, B.Sc, MBA, M.Sc., resides in western Canada where he trades the financial markets using technical chart analysis, esoteric mathematics and astrology. Through his website (investingsuccess), he offers the bi-weekly “Astrology Letter” where subscribers receive notifications of astrological events that stand to influence markets.

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