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Healing with Shamanism: Practices and Traditions to Restore and Balance the Self

Jaime Meyer MA

Discover the history and healing power of shamanism―a practical guideFor tens of thousands of years, shamanism has helped us to understand the transcendent union between body, mind, and spirit. Healing with Shamanism is a comprehensive guide to the history and practice of shamanistic healing from all over the world―so you can learn from their power and apply it in your own life. Explore shamanistic techniques that offer wisdom on healing every part of your being, including visualization, meditation, journaling, song and chant, massage, ecstatic dance, energy manipulation, and power animal work. It’s time to embark on a journey that will fill you with love, wonder, and the power to live in restorative wholeness. Healing with Shamanism includes:A world of shamanism―Learn what shamanism is, the difference between animism and shamanism, the unique regional differences and contributions to shamanistic practices, and beyond. Tools for healing―Discover some of the common cross-cultural tools that shamans use for healing today and throughout time, from crystals and plants to ritual clothing, rattles, cloaks, and drums. Shamanistic glossary―Explore helpful definitions of the more abstract words, concepts, and ideas. Find the healing power within you with the profound wisdom of shamanism.

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