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Interpreting the Eclipses

Robert Carl Jansky

Long out of print and hard to find, this is the most celebrated book on eclipses of the last seventy years. In this book, learn the unique astronomical factors that create eclipses and why some eclipses are total while others are not. Learn how the Chaldeans discovered the Saros cycle in the sixth century BC, which is still in use today. Learn how the Greeks discovered the Metonic cycle. Find out how the Saros cycle is used in forecasting the effects of eclipses. Jansky gives the astrological key for all 19 of the Saros series. The author uses his understanding of eclipse mechanics in analysis. He uses the twelve houses of the chart, planets conjunct and opposed, the Saros series, fixed stars conjunct the eclipse as well as stars rising or setting on the horizon (ascendant/descendant), the planetary ruler, and the path of the Moon's shadow (the umbra) as it races across the earth during the eclipse itself. Jansky's interpretation of eclipses is rooted in Transactional Analysis (what I do to you becomes what you do to me, etc.), which, astrologically, is the study of polarities, which is what lunar and solar eclipses literally represent, and how these polarities, expressed as opposing signs and houses, can be resolved in terms of human relationships. Jansky delves into the astrological duration of an eclipse, prenatal eclipses, eclipses in rectification and eclipses and health. For case studies he tells of an eclipse-driven corporate crisis at his employer and how it impacted him, his fellow employees, and the management. In the data section, solar eclipses for the 20th century: Date, degree of the zodiac, total, partial or annular, and the Saros number. Also, longitudes of major fixed stars and general and medical bibliographies. A comprehensive book on eclipses. A must-have.

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