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JUNO, Your Karmic Match Made in Heaven: Making Cosmic Sense of the Asteroids - Volume 1 (An Astrological eBooklet Series)

Marguerite Manning

Sure, we all know the kind of partner we’d like to have in this lifetime, but wouldn’t we be better off knowing the kind of partner we actually need to make the most of it? Especially if it’s just that type of significant other our soul was committed to before it even got here? Well, if the answer is yes then it’s time you got up close and personal with the unsung relationship heroine in your birth chart: the asteroid Juno. One of the four major asteroids in our heavens and the only birth influence in your natal sky that actually reflects who here on earth is cosmically qualified to be your match made in heaven. And, in the spirit of full astrological disclosure, adamantly refuses to let you settle for less. Why? Because as a celestial reflection of your soul’s long term commitment to love in this lifetime, Juno’s only universalpurpose is to make sure you get it. Whether you like it or not. Are you ready for your Juno close up?

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