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Journal of Evolutionary Astrology (Issue #1)

Jeffrey WolfGreen, Linda Jonson, Deva Green, Rad Zecko, Kristin Fontana, Catharine Anderson

The Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology is pleased to announce the publication of their new tri-annual JOURNAL OF EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGY with articles from Evolutionary Astrologers from around the world showcasing various dynamics and applications of Evolutionary Astrology.The Journal’s APPLIED EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGY can be applied to your life, and to the lives of those you wish to help. Every issue will have ongoing special features such as THE KARMA CORNER by Patricia L. Walsh. For all those who have been learning and applying Evolutionary Astrology in their lives and work, and for all those who desire to begin learning about the uniqueness of Evolutionary Astrology –this magazine is for you!

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