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Some perceive kabbalah as a mystery, mysticism, a new age religion or magic. Indeed, Kabbalah is none of them, yet Kabbalists refer to it as "a veiled understanding." At first glance, that appears to be a contradiction: how can Kabbalah be "concealed" while being a mystery?The critical distinction here is to recognize that when Kabbalists use the term "concealed," they do not mean that Kabbalah is something that can never be understood or appreciated. For example, when one examines the many charts and diagrams contained in Kabbalah literature, complete with arrows and sketches, one may immediately conclude that this information is far too hard ever to be comprehended. They are, in a sense, correct—because Kabbalah is not intended to be grasped by our normal intellect and notions. However, "concealed" does not imply that this insight is inaccessible or that only a select few are willing to offer it. Rather than that, "concealed" refers to something currently concealed from us but can be exposed.Kabbalah, under this definition, is a science. It gradually unveils to the pupil broader and broader aspects of reality that were previously veiled, to the extent that the student can grasp and comprehend.

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