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The Lost Science: Esoteric Math and Astrology Techniques for the Market Trader

M. G. Bucholtz B. Sc Mba

 Can the movements of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus affect market cycles?  Are prices swings on the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 a reflection of lunar and planetary placements? Many people are surprised to find that changes in price trends on the financial markets are a reflection of the changing psychological emotions of market participants. Our emotions are impacted by the varying gravitational pulls and energy levels in our planetary cosmos. Scientific techniques such as square root mathematics, the Golden Mean, the Golden Sequence and astrological phenomena like lunar events, planetary transits and planetary aspects can thus be used to identify short term changes in price trend and long term market cycles. In the early part of the 20th century many successful traders on Wall Street, including the venerable W.D. Gann and the mysterious Louise McWhirter understood that emotion was intimately linked to the forces of nature. They used these scientific techniques and astrological phenomena to predict changes to price trend and to profit from the markets. The Lost Science will acquaint you with an extensive range of astrological and mathematical phenomena. From the Golden Mean and Fibonacci Sequence through planetary transit lines and square roots to an examination of lunar astrology, planetary aspects and market cycles, the numerous illustrated examples in this book will assist you to deepen your understanding of the financial markets and make better informed and more timely trading and investing decisions.

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