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MEDICAL STELLAR ASTROLOGY: The risk of pathologies in the birth chart and the choice of the best moment to start a therapy

GIACOMO ALBANO, Simone Colombo

The aim of this book is to apply the principles of stellar astrology to the field of medical astrology, in order to have a clearer picture, complete and "iconic" (thanks to the descriptive role of celestial images) of astrological factors that can lead to serious diseases. In fact, if we disregard the important role played by constellations, asterisms and stars in this area, it is very hard, nearly impossible, to predict whether certain critical factors of the birth chart will manifest as diseases or otherwise, and especially to predict whether these diseases will be serious. And this is because, as always in astrology, serious events are always signaled by a redundancy of astrological factors at various levels.I refer in particular to the role of celestial images and of the various parts composing them (which in most cases also correspond to various parts of the human body), the role of some stars (not only those of azemena), the importance in these analyses of the heliacal phases of stars and planets and the paran that accompany them, the parallels of declination between planets and between stars and planets, and other considerations that we expose in the following pages. I dedicate a great deal of space to the exposition of important principles of medical elective astrology. I refer both to those we have inherited from the astrological tradition and to the "new" ones that can be deduced on the one hand from the general principles of stellar astrology, and on the other hand from the concrete analysis of the birth charts of people who have had serious health problems (both fatal and healing cases) and of the great doctors who have dedicated their lives to the cure of diseases and the research of vaccines that have saved millions of lives.

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