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Psychological Astrology: A Synthesis of Jungian Psychology and Astrology

Karen Hamaker-Zondag

An examination of the traditional wisdom of astrology combined in the light of Jungian psycholgy shows the horoscope to be an accurate picture of the psychic structure and a key to self-knowledge and personal growth. Beginning with a lucid analysis of Jung's terminology, including the archetypes, the collective unconscious, and the theory of synchronicity, Dr. Hamaker-Zondag explores in depth the striking correspondences between Jung's theory and psychological types and the tradtional elements. She shows how the elements of astrology relate to the psychological types, and discusses the zodiac as a path of life. Psychological Astrology is a must for students since the author elucidates the houses and their structure and provides an enlightening discussion of the planets as they symbolize basic human drives. First published as Astro-Psychology, this edition has been revised and updated.

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