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Reincarnation: The Ultimate Guide to Rebirth, Karma and Old Souls and What Astrology, Wicca and Other Spiritual Practices Say About Past Lives

Mari Silva

Unlock the mystical world of past lives and reincarnation with this easy-to-understand guide!Reincarnation has been part of religious and spiritual teachings for generations. The idea that the human soul develops every time we live another life appeals to our belief that we learn something whenever we are reborn. Karmic debt is often used to describe why bad things happen to good people, and the term Karma has become part of our everyday vocabulary.This book is filled with different perspectives regarding reincarnation and allows you to reach your own conclusions. Does the idea of heaven and hell seem unlikely? What about Summerland? The Wiccan belief may appeal more to your spiritual beliefs and offer an alternative view on the afterlife.This book will help you understand:Have you ever been called an old soul? Do you have knowledge of things that you can’t explain? Take a quiz to discover how mature your soul is.What are the five levels of the soul in the teachings of Kabbalah?What is karma, and how can you repay any karmic debt that may have accumulated in your former lives?Discover the seven archetypal souls contained within the Spectrum of Essence.Have you met your soulmate? What is a twin flame, and how have you met yours?What does your birth chart tell you about your former incarnations? How to read it and gain information without having to consult an astrologist.How to use freewriting and astral projecting to travel back to former lives.How shamans discovered the earliest form of journeying back to former lives and meeting themselves in the past.And so much more!So, what are you waiting for? Get your copy of this book today and begin your journey into the fascinating study of karma, rebirth, past lives, and reincarnation.

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