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Signal and Noise: Advanced Psychic Training for Remote Viewing, Clairvoyance, and ESP

Sean McNamara

[CAUTION: This book can be used as a training system. If you plan to use it that way, please do NOT flip through it randomly after you receive it, but start reading from the very first page, otherwise you may spoil some of the exercises for yourself.]In 2019, Sean McNamara trained a group of friends in Denver, Colorado, to access their inherent clairvoyant and precognitive abilities in order to send their minds into the future and retrieve information. Using a methodology called “remote viewing” along with a team-style predictive approach developed by the author, his friends won the Colorado "Pick 3" lottery that year, TWICE. Now, he's releasing the transcripts and targets they used to predict, then win, those drawings.The book also reveals special techniques he developed to clarify and boost the psychic "signal" and reduce ambient mental "noise" during their remote viewing sessions. These techniques can be categorized as excitation, relaxation, color muting and amplification, remote influencing (psychic tracing), and 360 degree virtual reality feedback.The book includes "extras" on topics such as "spoon bending," a special routine to hack the nervous system for immediate quieting by stimulating the vagus nerve, and also details about an experiment with a living organism you can try with friends.The book comes with a companion website containing private links to pages containing special audio downloads to aid your psychic receptivity. It also includes color versions of the target images shown in the book.IMPORTANT: This book can be used as a complete training system. If you plan to use it that way, it is important that you do NOT flip ahead in the book and accidentally see a target image before you've done the training exercise for that image. Instead, start at pg.1, and read one page at a time without flipping ahead. Signal and Noise comes with nearly 60 different training exercises, with the added benefit of seeing how the remote viewers featured in the book did on their transcripts.If you are new to remote viewing, the book will teach you how to do it. You'll also learn how to structure a team of friends so you can attempt to make predictions of your own using "associative remote viewing." Have fun making predictions for sport games, elections, lotteries, or other events. Of course, due to the subjective nature of psychic perception and many other factors, the author cannot make any guarantees about how accurate your predictions will be. Nevertheless, if you go through the training exercises carefully and patiently, by the time you're through, you will have gained an extraordinary amount of experience in psychic development. Experienced remote viewers, especially professionals who depend on accuracy, will gain benefit by learning techniques to improve the signal and reduce noise during their sessions.Everything in the book should be regarded as experimental, since at the time of publication, these techniques had not yet been replicated by a third-party research authority. But the results, using these methods to win a lottery twice in the last quarter of 2019, stand for themselves. The author also discusses the past researchers and scientists (i.e. Dr. Milan Ryzl and Dr. Andrija Puharich) whose works of the 20th century informed his development of these techniques.Important for KINDLE customers: Due to the picture-heavy nature of this book, the Kindle version is recommended only if you'll be using a tablet reader or using your laptop/desktop. Reading it on a phone's small screen will be difficult for some. It is recommended to purchase the paperback version instead for a much more enjoyable and user-friendly experience.For readers interested in psychokinesis, out of body experiences, and other abilities, those topics are covered at great length in the author's other books and his site MindPossible.

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