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Steven Forrest, Steven Forrest

In this completely upbeat, positive, and radically expanded edition of their classic book on the astrology of relationships, Steven Forrest and Jodie Forrest emphasize freedom of choice, honest communication, and mutual psychological understanding as the keys to satisfying, lasting intimacy. Drawing on countless hours with clients, the Forrests weave a coherent blend of astrology, modern psychology and reincarnation. You will learn synastry - the art of working with relationship charts - from the ground up. Beginners as well as professional astrologers will particularly love the extensive and detailed 'cookbook' sketches of specific configurations. Saturn in your House of Marriage? Your Sun squares your partner's Venus? Just look it up. The first edition of "Skymates" became a cult classic; this revised and updated edition was so big it was split into two volumes. Look for Skymates 2, which deals just with the composite chart.

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