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South Node Astrology: Uncovering Your Soul's Karmic Inheritance

Elizabeth Spring M.A.

The story of your Nodestrace the trajectory of your Soul through time. Jungian Astrologer, Elizabeth Spring, again brings the North and South Nodes to life, years after writing "North Node Astrology; Re-discovering Your Life Direction and Soul Purpose." What about the South Node? Together the Nodes hold powerful insights into our soul journey; what we got right, what we suffered from, and what we're carrying over into this life, but the South Node specifically addresses what you need to do now to live your best life--and not to repeat the mistakes of the past. The insights are encrypted in the story of the South Node; and you can uncover this karmic story. Understanding the Nodes will keep you from sabotaging yourself and your relationships now. We repeat the past until we make it conscious; or as Carl Jung said: "When a given situation is not made conscious, it happens outside as fate." What do we not know about ourselves? Or our potential partners or children? What are the hidden dynamics in the relationship? Follow the planetary trail from the South Node... For students and astrologers this will be an excellent reference book; both for themselves and their clients, yet it's written for the curious new reader as well.Elizabeth is the author of five books on astrology. Find her at: NorthNodeAstrology.com and on her podcast: North Node Astrology on Apple Podcasts"Elizabeth has done it again! Few astrologers can animate they symbols the way she does..." Steven Forrest,Astrologer and author of "The Inner Sky""Elizabeth's book is a rich journey of Self-Discovery." Virginia Bell, astrologer and author of "Midlife is Not a Crisis"

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