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Study Guides in Astrology: Birth Time Rectification

Lauren Delsack

Learn the sequential steps to birth time rectification. Discover how to implement dependable techniques to access a probable birth time confidently and efficiently. In this lecture, Lauren takes you progressively through the process of deciphering a highly probable birth time for Madame Helena Blavatsky. According to AstroDatabank’s file, there are 5 rectified birth times for Blavatsky. Lauren disputes each one, and clearly demonstrates how she arrives at the most probable birth time for Madame Blavatsky.This study guide includes horoscopes, time flow tables, midpoint charts, listing of major life events, and essential keys to organizing data with surefire rectification tips and techniques. “I’ve been reading your study guide and practicing birth time rectification. It is so much fun and your study guide is very helpful.” L.G., USA“I am blown away by the streamlined elegance of your rectification technique! Following your methods will save me hours of trying this, trying that. Well done and thanks a million for sharing this with us.” K.J., S. Africa“I want to congratulate you on your study guide on birth time rectification. It is very clear and I love it. I will recommend it to friends and students.” A.C., Mexico

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