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The Bible of Mithra: A Book of Clarity

Andre Atabaki

“The Bible of Mithra” is the gospel of Self-Realization. Its purpose is not to convert man from one religion to another or entangle him in obscure rituals or philosophies but to awaken him from the slumber of a dream. The principal aim behind the Bible of Mithras is the immediate removal of mental blocks and obstacles that suppress the awakening of subtle spiritual forces. It is an invaluable guide for those earnest seekers whose insatiable desire can’t be quenched by anything other than the actual experience of the supreme reality.

There are numerous books about the history of Mithras but until now there has never been a central text analogous to the Bible that would unveil its essential philosophy. The doctrine and mystical rituals of Mithras have been kept secret from the general public for more than 2,000 years. Spirituality is simplicity and the creation of a meaningful and fulfilling life. A spiritual practice that entangles our mind with convoluted and dogmatic beliefs which instill the unnatural feelings of fear, shame and guilt has lost its efficacy. Spirituality has to offer us solutions to our modern present day challenges and deepen our understanding of the workings of the cosmos. Mithras is the bridge between true inner science and spiritualism. It is the path of the unconquerable Sun and those who walk upon it shall always walk in the light.

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