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Egyptian Birth Signs: The Secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Horoscope

Storm Constantine

So you know which star sign you are, and even your Chinese Horoscope, but what about your Egyptian Birth Sign? Are you a Sphinx, Thoth, or Anubis, and who are you most compatible with?Unknown until it was discovered by archaeologists on the Temple of the Sun, the mystic Egyptian horoscopes are divided into 12 signs, each one ruled by a different Egyptian god. This extraordinary system is 4000 years old, but Storm Constantine, a recognised authority on Egyptian Mythology, brings it right up to date, with telling new insights into your personality. After extensive research, she has extrapolated the personalities of the gods and godesses and interpreted this ancient system for today's readers. For each sign, she reveals:the positive and negative characteristics of each sign• advice on maintaining health and the most suitable job• how to relate to partner, child, or friend according to their sign• your fate and fortune through the year.

Ancient Civilizations


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