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Financial Significators in Traditional Astrology

Oner Doser, Benjamin N. Dykes

This new release by leading Turkish astrologer Oner Doser explains how to assess financial opportunities and earning capacity in the birth chart. Blending authentic traditional rules with a contemporary approach, Doser draws on famous astrologers such as Ptolemy, Dorotheus, Firmicus Maternus, Bonatti, Schoener, and William Lilly to guide the student in this important part of chart interpretation. Topics covered include the Lot of Fortune, Lot of assets, the 2nd house, victors or almutens, decision procedures for judging the financial significators, and example charts. This valuable manual supports the many courses offered by the AstroArt Astrology School in Istanbul, and is the first American edition. It is edited with a preface by leading astrological translator Benjamin Dykes.

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