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The Path of the Medicine Wheel: A Guide to the Sacred Circle

Ph.D Kathy L. Callahan

A noted authority and speaker on anthropology and metaphysical subjects, Kathy L. Callahan presents a comprehensive overview of the Medicine Wheel, the Native American teaching that uses Nature to help us better understand ourselves, our associations with others, and our relationship to our Spiritual Source. Medicine Wheel wisdom provides a holistic foundation upon which to base our lives. Callahan reveals how, when we walk the Medicine Wheel, we learn from the sacred four directions: the elements, seasons, cycles of the day, and plants, minerals, and the totem clans. We also learn from the moons and the spirit animals that walk the wheel with us. These sacred teachings help us discover the power of the natural world and show us how to draw upon that power to live more balanced and harmonious lives. With clear, concise language, The Path of the Medicine Wheel will help you: • Learn the teachings of the Medicine Wheel: unity, balance, movement/growth, and attunement • Understand the meaning and lessons of the sacred four directions • Identify the correspondences of the sacred four directions • Explore the teachings of the natal Moon under which you were born • Learn how to build your personal Medicine Wheel • Practice guided meditations to identify your natal and current Spirit Animal(s) • Discover your current position on the Medicine Wheel Path Find your spiritual enlightenment with The Path of the Medicine Wheel and discover joy and peace in your life.

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