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The Ascendant: Your Rising Sign

Jodie Forrest

Balance how you look with who you are by learning more about your astrological Ascendant, or Rising Sign. How do you face the world? Are you centered? Are you poised? How well do you handle blind dates and job interviews? Your astrological Ascendant, the sign rising in the east at your birth, is the face you wear in the world, your social self, your astrological "clothing". Your Ascendant is just as important in your birth chart as your Sun and Moon. How well do you really understand it? Join astrologer and novelist Jodie Forrest as she examines the Ascendant through the lenses of the arts, psychology, relationships, evolutionary astrology and metaphysics. Beginners or professional astrologers will deepen their knowledge of the rising sign. You will discover: How your Rising Sign relates to first impressions. How your Rising Sign works in relationships. How your Rising Sign relates to your Sun and Moon signs. Understanding your Ascendant’s ruler. Understanding aspects to your natal Ascendant. Understanding dynamic events like transits, progressions, and solar arcs to your Ascendant. Rectification tips for the Ascendant. Detailed cookbook with descriptions for each Ascendant sign and ruling planet.

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