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Crystal Stars 11.11

Alana Fairchild

The star light within your heart will lead you to sacred fulfilment for the spiritual benefit of all.

This book is for star seeds, old souls, lightworkers, visionaries, healers and hearts who hold a curiosity for the stars. This unique and powerful approach to crystal healing connects you with loving stellar beings and the precious stones that embody and enhance their transformational energy. Alana grounds the teachings with relevant and practical examples and the healing processes help you harness the therapeutic potential of each stone and form a bond with the stars so you can receive their wisdom and blessings. Aligned with the 11.11 frequency, your celestial guides will help you shift personal paradigms and make rapid spiritual progress.

Discover the healing and belonging that only comes from experiencing unity with the stars and the earth. Connect with Sirius, Andromeda, Alcyone in the Pleiades, Vega, Arcturus and others as you delve into treasured spiritual lessons on authenticity, soul passion, dark initiations, the cosmic priestess, supreme spiritual protection and more.

Beloved, you have illuminating sacred work to accomplish for yourself and the planet. Prepare yourself for the next stage of your journey with teachings and tools to help you shine like the star being you truly are.

Comprehensive and easy to reference with 18 full-colour crystal mandalas by soul artist Jane Marin.



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