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Persian Nativities IV: On the Revolutions of the Years of Nativities

Benjamin N. Dykes, Abu Ma'shar al-Balkhi

Abū Ma’shar’s book on natal predictive techniques was the product of his old age, and this massive achievement has now been translated from the complete, original Arabic for the first time.This volume contains lengthy instructions and special advice on profections, distributions through the bounds, fardārs, transits, solar revolutions, monthly revolutions and profections, the lord of the orb, the Ages of Man, the Indian methods of “ninth-parts,” finding favorable and difficult years, and longevity techniques. Abū Ma’shar’s complex method of monthly revolutions and profections is fascinating and the most complete available.All methods are detailed in a lengthy Introduction by Benjamin Dykes, with tables of selected readings and numerous helpful diagrams.  This is a required textbook for Benjamin Dykes’s traditional natal astrology course.  Persian Nativities IV replaces the partial Latin translation, which was published as Persian Nativities III: On Solar Revolutions. 

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