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Remember: Reincarnation Astrology

Ahura Sevgi Alis Yildirim

Reincarnation is a tool that Earth uses to transcend duality. We incarnate for the sake of the universe and we are the will of Earth and Heaven. We are awakened potentials that take form on this Earth. We are a song that the universe hums...Awaken to who you are &remember who you are!Remembering is awakening.Remembering is being reincarnated.With her second book on astrology, Remember, sociologist Ahura Sevgi Alis Yildirim opens a new time corridor for you, the reader, so that your song can turn into a sweet melody. Your part is healing your unpleasant memories in time by using the light of the knowledge presented in the book as a guide. It is just like tuning an instrument... You catch the tune and everything gets back on track.

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