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The sacred temple of angels: 224 angels, 2 gods, over 1000 powers to change your life (Angelic Magick)

Rodrigo Bispo

You, seeker of celestial forces, it was not by coincidence that you found this book, the angels have always been present in your life, and now the time has come for you to work with them.In this book, you will have access to a true journey through the heavens, and you will go to a sacred temple, and find the desired angel, so that he can work and guide you in your earthly journey.Here, the magick with angels, or popularly known as angelic magick, is passed in a simple and effective way, all you will need is the angelic sigils/seals in this book, and your will to go up to the highest heavens, without complications, a method revealed by the Archangel Raziel and many other angels, who aim to enter your life, to promote guidance, support, comfort, help and evolution.The book covers:- Channeled angelic sigils/seals exclusive to this book.- Accessible methods of magick and easy to understand for all people.- Far beyond the 72 kabbalistic angels, discover the power of 224 angels to change your reality.- The 72 shem hamephorash or kabbalistic angels.- The 42 angels of God's 42-letter name.- The 36 overlord angels.- 31 Archangels, including the 12 ruling Archangels of the 12 signs of the zodiac.- The 36 angels of the zodiac.- Over 7 Watchmen/Grigori or angels from the book of Enoch.- The seal of Adonai and Ashera.Reach for the heavens and see with your own eyes the divine manifestation in your life.

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