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Ancient Hindu Astrology: For The Modern Western Astrologer : Revised And Expanded 2020 Edition

James Braha

Ancient Hindu Astrology For The Modern Western Astrologer Revised And Expanded 2020 Edition. A comprehensive introductory book on how to learn and practice Hindu/Vedic astrology. It is both an easy to understand manual on the subject as well as a reference text that includes 180 pages of planets in house descriptions. There is also 125 page section describing the horoscopes of 14 famous individuals in detail.The original version of this book was written in 1985, and this revised and expanded book is about 200 pages longer than the original. It has been updated to include more practical information that took the author 20 years of practice to learn. It was originally written for Westerners, but was so well received that many Indians and Easterners use it as a reference text.

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