Percival Lowell

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Percival Lowell


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Percival Lawrence Lowell was born into a prominent and wealthy Boston family on March 13, 1855. He attended Harvard University, initially pursuing mathematics but later developing a keen interest in astronomy. After graduating from Harvard in 1876, he continued his studies in mathematics, astronomy, and other sciences both in the United States and abroad. Lowell traveled extensively, studying the night sky from various locations, including Japan and Arizona.

Best known for his observations of Mars and his controversial theories about the planet's surface features, Percival Lowell believed he had observed a vast network of canals on Mars in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which he interpreted as evidence of intelligent life on the planet. Despite later discrediting of these ideas, they captured the public's imagination and stimulated interest in astronomy and Mars.

In 1894, Percival Lowell established the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, to continue his research on Mars and other celestial objects. This observatory would become renowned for its contributions to planetary science. Apart from his work on Mars, Lowell made significant contributions to the study of the outer planets, particularly Neptune and Pluto. His calculations of the orbit of Neptune helped refine its position in the sky, and he initiated the search for the ninth planet, ultimately leading to the discovery of Pluto (though Pluto was later reclassified as a dwarf planet).

Percival Lowell's legacy lives on through ongoing discoveries and advancements in the field of astronomy. Despite some controversies, his dedication to the study of the cosmos and his role in popularizing planetary science remain important aspects of his place in the history of astronomy. Lowell passed away on November 12, 1916, in Flagstaff, Arizona, at the age of 61.


Percival Lowell has Sun in Pisces 12th House, Moon in Capricorn 10th House, with Aries Rising.

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