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Vic DiCara, also known as Vic DiCara Vedic Astrologer, is a prominent astrologer and author specializing in Vedic astrology, which is also known as Jyotish. He has gained recognition in the field of astrology for his expertise in applying the principles of Vedic astrology to help individuals gain insights into their lives, personalities, and destinies.

DiCara has written several books on Vedic astrology, sharing his knowledge and insights with a wider audience. He is known for his ability to provide in-depth astrological consultations and interpretations based on Vedic principles, helping individuals understand various aspects of their lives, including relationships, career, and personal growth.

His work often involves using Vedic astrology to analyze birth charts (also known as horoscopes) and provide guidance based on planetary positions and their influence on an individual's life. DiCara's interpretations aim to offer clarity and guidance, helping people make informed decisions and navigate life's challenges.

Vic DiCara was also a krishnacore guitarist, vocalist and bass guitarist. He played in Beyond, Inside Out, Shelter, Burn, and later the Hare Krishna band 108. As part of the band 108, DiCara was instrumental in recording three albums considered influential in the hardcore punk scene of the 1990s. DiCara is also noted for the incorporation of Hindu spirituality into his music ( wikipedia)


Vic DiCara has Sun in Leo 7th House, Moon in Gemini 4th House, with Capricorn Rising.

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Sabian Symbols

Influenced by Indian Phad Painting

124°, Sun in Leo, Indian Phad Painting artwork
65°, Moon in Gemini, Indian Phad Painting artwork
144°, Mercury in Leo, Indian Phad Painting artwork
167°, Venus in Virgo, Indian Phad Painting artwork
126°, Mars in Leo, Indian Phad Painting artwork
207°, Jupiter in Libra, Indian Phad Painting artwork
51°, Saturn in Taurus, Indian Phad Painting artwork
185°, Uranus in Libra, Indian Phad Painting artwork
238°, Neptune in Scorpio, Indian Phad Painting artwork
175°, Pluto in Virgo, Indian Phad Painting artwork
10°, Chiron in Aries, Indian Phad Painting artwork
334°, North Node in Pisces, Indian Phad Painting artwork
North NodePisces
154°, South Node in Virgo, Indian Phad Painting artwork
South NodeVirgo
145°, Lilith in Leo, Indian Phad Painting artwork
293°, Ascendant in Capricorn, Indian Phad Painting artwork
227°, Midheaven in Scorpio, Indian Phad Painting artwork


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Bay Shore, NY, USA


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