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Holographic Transits: Astrology: A Language of Life - Volume V

Robert P. Blaschke, Patty Laferriere

Written for professional astrologers, this book illustrates the natal planetary holograms, or spatial patterns, relative to the Sun that repeat in the Heavens throughout life. By understanding these patterns and cycles, astrologers can choose precise dates for aligning free will with Higher Self. Celestial conditions at the time of these phase angle returns reveal how the holographic structure of the soul can be restored to wholeness, along with exposing the interplay of fate and free will. The individual nativity is also part of a larger soul group, determined by pre-natal synodic cycles.Robert P. Blaschke, the founder of Earthwalk School of Astrology in February 1992, was an internationally respected full-time professional consulting, lecturing, and teaching astrologer. Pas National Coordinator for ISAR's Professional Astrology Speakers Bureau, and past-president of both the Washington State and Oregon Astrological Associations, he has lectured at regional and international astrology conferences in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Serbia. Mr. Blaschke has been an invited guest speaker for over forty different local astrological associations in twenty states. He is the author of the critically acclaimed Volume I - Progressions, Volume II - Sabian Aspect Orbs, Volume III - A Handbook for the Self-Employed Astrologer, and Volume IV - Relationship Analysis. Author's Acknowledgments:The author gives special thanks to his longtime editor, Patty Laferriere, for her work in editing this book. As in earlier volumes, she has improved the manuscript with her editorial skills and insight. Her Mercury-Saturn-Neptune conjunction trine his Jupiter in Gemini on the Midheaven continues to be an ongoing blessing.Many thanks go to the author's friend and colleague, Michael Munkasey, for the phone calls they had discussing the cycles and phases of the planets. His original and innovative programming of a lifetime calculation of the progressed planets' synodic cycle phases will help many readers in researching their progressed cycle changes. His astute observations of retrograde Mercury are also appreciated.To the author's musician daughter, Amy Rose, who released her third CD with her new band, Night Canopy. Congratulations, honey, on your original songwriting and cross-country performance tour. Your angelic voice has touched many hearts. Dad is very proud of you. Your love, support, and affection mean the world to him.And to Carol Cilliers, who loved and stood by the author through thick and thin during a most difficult year, thank you for your love and steadfastness. This book could not have come out of the spiritual ethers and into concrete form without you. With both of us having hard natal Venus-Saturn aspects, love ain't ever easy, but one thing souls like us can do is endure through despair until love prevails again.

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