2024 Sun-Pluto at 0 Aquarius Event Chart

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2024 Sun-Pluto at 0 Aquarius Event Chart


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Pluto conjunct Sun in Aquarius is a relatively rare astrological alignment that occurs when the transformative planet Pluto aligns with the Sun in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. This powerful conjunction signifies a period of intense personal and collective transformation, blending the characteristics of Pluto's depth and regeneration with the individuality and innovation associated with the Sun in Aquarius. Understanding the significance of this alignment involves exploring both the archetypal qualities of Pluto and the unique traits of Aquarius.

Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, symbolises profound transformation, regeneration, and the unveiling of hidden truths. Its influence is often associated with intense psychological experiences and a deep dive into the realms of the unconscious. When conjunct with the Sun, which represents the core identity and life force, Pluto's energy becomes intertwined with the very essence of the individual. The Sun in Aquarius adds an extra layer to this conjunction, bringing forth the qualities of innovation, rebellion, and a visionary approach to life.

The rarity of Pluto conjunct Sun in Aquarius dates makes these periods particularly significant in astrological terms. The exact dates can vary due to Pluto's elliptical orbit, but they occur approximately once every 250 years. Last time Pluto was at 0 Aquarius was January 27 1778!

Individuals born during these rare alignments are marked by a unique cosmic imprint, reflecting a collective theme of profound societal change and individual evolution. One key aspect of Pluto conjunct Sun in Aquarius is the potential for revolutionary ideas and groundbreaking shifts in social paradigms. Aquarius is known for its forward-thinking, humanitarian, and unconventional nature. When combined with Pluto's transformative energy, individuals born under this conjunction may play a crucial role in pushing societal boundaries, challenging existing structures, and fostering innovation.

On a personal level, those with Pluto conjunct Sun in Aquarius may undergo profound internal transformations that shape their identity and purpose. The influence of Pluto can bring about a deep introspection and a willingness to confront the shadows within, leading to a rebirth of the self. The Aquarian energy encourages embracing individuality, celebrating diversity, and contributing to the collective in unique and visionary ways.

Aquarius season in 2024 commences with a remarkable synchronicity as both the Sun and Pluto transition into the sign almost simultaneously, setting the stage for an impactful beginning.

The Sun will illuminate Aquarius until February 18, offering its energising influence during this period. Meanwhile, Pluto extends its stay in Aquarius until September 1, 2024, before taking a brief retrograde journey back into Capricorn. However, Pluto reenters Aquarius on November 19, marking a significant return, and this time, it is set to remain in the sign until the year 2044.

****Disclaimer: The event chart was casted for time of event in NYC, USA. The symbols below will be the same globally for all slower moving celestial bodies including Sun and Pluto if we cast for ANY other location on earth, however, the symbols for AC, MC and possibly the Moon will differ depending on the geographical region for this specific chart.


2024 Sun-Pluto at 0 Aquarius Event Chart has Sun in Aquarius 5th House, Moon in Gemini 10th House, with Virgo Rising.

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Sabian Symbols

Influenced by Russian Realism

300°, Sun in Aquarius, Russian Realism artwork
65°, Moon in Gemini, Russian Realism artwork
278°, Mercury in Capricorn, Russian Realism artwork
267°, Venus in Sagittarius, Russian Realism artwork
282°, Mars in Capricorn, Russian Realism artwork
36°, Jupiter in Taurus, Russian Realism artwork
335°, Saturn in Pisces, Russian Realism artwork
49°, Uranus in Taurus, Russian Realism artwork
355°, Neptune in Pisces, Russian Realism artwork
300°, Pluto in Capricorn, Russian Realism artwork
15°, Chiron in Aries, Russian Realism artwork
19°, North Node in Aries, Russian Realism artwork
North NodeAries
199°, South Node in Libra, Russian Realism artwork
South NodeLibra
162°, Lilith in Virgo, Russian Realism artwork
155°, Ascendant in Virgo, Russian Realism artwork
61°, Midheaven in Gemini, Russian Realism artwork


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Natal Data

Map at Lat 40.7127753, Lng -74.0059728

2024-01-20 19:55:00 LMT

40° 42′ 46.0″ N 74° 0′ 21.5″ W

New York, NY, USA


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